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Mount Hope, NJ
Saturday, May 27
10:00 AM

Led by Joe Macasek and Bierce Riley. The Mt. Hope Tract contains some of the richest veins of iron ore and most productive mines in New Jersey.  In 1866 a railroad was chartered to bring ore from these mines to the Morris Canal and later to a connection with the Morris & Essex Railroad at Wharton.  The mines and the railroad continued to operate well into the 20th century.  This walk will start at Mt. Hope, then follow the route of the Mt. Hope Mineral Railroad into the Mt. Hope Historical Park to explore remains of the Richard, Allen and Teabo Mines.  We will end with a visit to the Ford Faesch iron master's house for a behind-the-scenes guided tour of restoration work in progress.

There will be quite a bit of moderate walking with some off-trail exploration. Please bring a lunch and something to drink. There will be water, restroom facility and a place to sit and have lunch when we reach the Ford Faesch House.

To register for this tour or for more information, email Joe at macgraphics1@verizon.net. For a map and directions, please CLICK here. If you wish to use public transportation, we can accommodate a small number of people arriving by NJ Transit at the Morristown Train Station. If you plan to come by train, please let us know by e-mail in advance.

This tour is sponsored by Industrial Heritage Walks, a program of the Morris County Park Commission. Fee $5.00.


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