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Boonton, NJ
Saturday, August 19
10:00 am

Join the United Railroad Historical Society on Saturday as the URHS opens the gates of its normally-private Boonton NJ Restor¬ation Facility to showcase some of its historic collection, especially for the Roebling Chapter! The United Railroad Historical Society brings together over 12 local enthusiast organizations to provide a united voice in the subject of railroad preservation. This allows for coordination of resources and is working toward rescuing potential exhibits from scrapping. It is also assisting in planning the Transportation Heritage Center(s) of New Jersey. We are lucky to be able to have Larry Gross, the president of URHS to show us around their historic equipment at Boonton, NJ. You will be able to get up close and personal with the vintage railroad exhibits which come from well known local railroads such as the New York Central, New Jersey Central and Erie Lakawanna.

There is a bus from NYC Port Authority at 0830 to arrive at Boonton Town Hall at 0920. This is provided by Lakeland Bus and it would be advisable to re-confirm timing with them.

We will meet at 10:00 at 102/104 Morris Avenue, Boonton, NJ. (fyi - #100 Morris is the old Erie Lackawanna Freight House.) There is an open lot opposite to allow for car parking - and there is possibility of overflow if needed. Advance reservations are not needed for this visit. Dress Code - No open toed shoes at all will be allowed in the yard! Long trousers are recommended. Waiver - We will require all those attending to sign a waiver - this may be distributed in advance or done at the time in Boonton.

Donation - We ask all attending to make a donation (minimum $10 per person) to URHS to assist in their endeavors.


Nashville, Tennessee
September 14-17

CLICK for registration information.

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