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The SIA is currently seeking presenters for 2022 for its popular series of Zoom talks on IA topics, "IA Online." The goal of the series is to promote IA conversation and connection within the membership.

For presenters, this series is an opportunity to talk about subjects of personal interest and facets of their work in IA that might not make it into a formal paper or conference session. Presentations dealing with the methodology of Industrial Archeology are also encouraged.

Each session is held via Zoom, is about an hour long, and follows this basic format:

Brief introduction by series host Daniel Schneider

• 2 presenters each talking for 10 to 15 minutes, with slides

• 5 minutes or so of questions via Zoom after each presentation

• Additional questions for all presenters, time permitting

Video recordings of presentations from past IA Online sessions can be found on the SIA YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/socindustarch).

If you are interested in presenting as part of the series, or have questions about being a presenter, please contact Daniel Schneider at SIA Headquarters (sia@siahq.org).

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Grolier Club exhibition "Travelers, Tracks and Tycoons: The Railroad in American Legend and Life"


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