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Ledgewood, NJ
Saturday, July 15
10:00 am

Led by Joe Macasek. The Morris Canal's Inclined Planes were an outstanding engineering achievement, capable of raising or lower boats up to 100 feet in just a few minutes. Plane 2 East at Ledgewood, one of the best preserved plane sites, has been cleared for visitors to explore. The tour of the plane will including a visit to the underground turbine chamber, recently completed restoration work, a walk along the canal towpath and a visit to a nearby iron mine. This moderate hike will involve some off-trail exploration. After the walk we will get a chance to visit the nearby King's Canal Store and see its newly restored wagon scale.

Please wear sturdy shoes and bring something to eat and drink. There will be quite a bit of walking. CLICK for directions and information.

To register for this tour, please email Joe at macgraphics1@verizon.net. If you wish to use public transportation, there will be a pickup for people arriving via NJTransit at the Morristown train station on the 8:28 train . If you plan to come by train, please let us know by e-mail in advance. This tour is sponsored by Morris County Park Industrial Heritage Walks. There is a $5.00 fee.

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