HAER, Brooklyn Bridge, Jet Lowe, Photographer, HAER, NY, 31-NEYO, 90-23
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GW Bridge, Jack Boucher, Photographer, HAER, NY, 31-NEYO, 161-13

Recent Roebling Tours, Excursions and Events

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Industrial Long Island City Walk

June 17, 2017

tour led by Jim Mackin 1915 Ford Motor Assembly Plant

John J Harvey/Lilac Tour

Apr. 29, 2017


Bannerman Island Tour

Oct. 9, 2016

boat landing at Pollepel Island storage facility for Francis Bannerman's arsenal

Corn Roast

Oct. 1, 2016

Roebing Society workmen at lunch roast corn

Greenwood Cemetery Tour

Sept. 17, 2016

Boss Tweed gravestone Jim leading the group

Roebling Trenton Complex Tour

May 7, 2016

Historic preservationist Clifford Zink describing Roebling's Trenton complex Oldest surviving building in the Roebling complex, built innovative wire rope-making machines


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Guns defending the Stevens Institute Waiting in the Lackawanna RR Terminal